PreSols deploys Nibble. A cutting edge price negotiation chatbot.

E-commerce technology startup, Nibble, has launched on PreSols’ new Shopify store. PreSols customers can now negotiate a personalised price with a chatbot on a range of washable, breathable face masks and Automatic handsfree santisation stands.

Nibble is an AI powered negotiation ecommerce tool creating a fun, personalised and engaging connection between consumers and retailers. 
PreSols – Preventative Hygiene Solutions is a London based business born out of the challenges of the current pandemic. The founders are social entrepreneurs who are committed to help companies bridge the gap to the new normal post COVID.
Co-founder, Samr Calcutawala says: “Nibble offers our users a fun, engaging and personalised experience whilst allowing us to control our promotions in real-time. Employers and Businesses world over are concerned about the safe return of employees and customers to the workplace and stores. We provide sustainable products and solutions that aid employers and businesses achieve it responsibly. We constantly endeavour to innovate and make our products more functional and sustainable in terms of recycling or biodegradability. Our products are ethically sourced and meet regulatory and safety standards in the UK. We provide elegantly customised products that increase our clients’ brand visibility and value.
We aspire to be your reliable partner for superior preventative hygiene solutions that minimize hygiene risks while maximizing value for corporates